Winter Recipe : Adadiya Pak

Smruti Shah
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Adadiya Pak
winter special
અડદિયા પાક

Adadiya Pak


1 cup black gram flour (અડદ નો જાડો લોટ ) 

1 cup sugar/ jaggery

250 gm desi ghee

500 ml milk

1 tsp edible Gum ( ખાવા નો ગુંદર)

2 tsp almond powder

2 tsp cashew nut powder

1 tsp cardamon powder

crated coconut (કોપરાનું છીણ) 

water if needed


Take pan and heat ghee in it.

Now add this warm ghee to black gram flour and mix well.

Add milk to that flour mixture. keep it aside

Take another pan and heat ghee in iron a medium flame. Mix it well by pouring flour into it and keep stirring it constantly.

When it starts turning brown off the flame.

Take another Pan . heat ghee in it . add edible gum and fry it.

Now add flour to that mixture , add jaggery and mix well. if flour mixture becomes hard then add little warm milk in it.

Add almond , cashew nut and cardamon powder and coconut. mix well.

Put the whole mixture in big plate, spread it and make it cool. then after cut it into a small square pieces.