Mental Fitness - Stay Sharp

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Mental Fitness
Stay Sharp
Be Attentive
multiple tasks
Get enough sleep

Can't find your keys? Misplaced your wallet? Blanked on your new neighbor's name? When we fail to pay close attention, the memories we create are weak and we sometimes have difficulty retrieving them later.

Boost your memory and develop habits that can help counter age-related memory loss:

• Correlate for better recall

For example, if you’re introduced to Mr ABC  who has red hair, link his name to his hair color.

• Recite, retrieve and review

Recite key information several times to learn it and retrieve it often. Review information you’ll need, such as paging through your high-school yearbook before your reunion.

• Break it down in small units

Break down new information into units. For example, to memorize a long-distance phone number, break it down into the area code, three-digit exchange and four remaining numbers.

• Be Attentive

Forgetfulness may indicate nothing more than having too

much on your mind. Slow down and pay full attention to the task at hand. Reduce distractions.

• Keep track of appointments, tasks and contacts Use appointment books, calendars, to-do lists, address books, mobile reminders or computer software — whatever works for you.

• Develop routines

For example, put frequently used items such as keys in a designated spot when not using them.

• Consider meditation

Preliminary research indicates that meditation increases blood flow to the area of the brain that’s associated with memory.

* Exercise your body.

 There's a huge correlation between mental health and bodily health, so maintaining your body's health and exercising it, will help you maintain your mental health and improve your memory.

* Organise your multiple tasks. 

Concentration is incredibly important for retaining your memory.You need to keep things simple. This is why you enter a room and forget why you came in. It's because you were probably planning your party at the same time, or thinking about the TV episode that you just watched and you weren't concentrating.

* Get enough sleep. 

Sleep is incredibly important to improving and maintaining your memory. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, so that your brain can go through all the important stages of sleep and you feel well-rested.

Shut down any electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you go to bed, so that you give your brain time to calm down and prepare for sleep. This means all electronic devices: phone, computer, kindle, etc.