Is it safe to Microwave Food in Plastic?

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Some things to keep in mind when using the microwave:

* If you're concerned about plastic wraps or containers in the microwave, transfer food to glass or ceramic containers labeled for use in microwave ovens.

* Don't let plastic wrap touch food during microwaving because it may melt. Wax paper, kitchen parchment paper, white paper towels, or a domed container that fits over a plate or bowl are better alternatives.

* Most takeout containers, water bottles, and plastic tubs or jars made to hold margarine, yogurt, whipped topping, and foods such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard are not microwave-safe.

* Microwavable takeout dinner trays are formulated for one-time use only and will say so on the package.

* Old, scratched, or cracked containers, or those that have been microwaved many times, may leach out more plasticizers.

* Don't microwave plastic storage bags or plastic bags from the grocery store.

* Before microwaving food, be sure to vent the container: leave the lid ajar, or lift the edge of the cover.