How to deal with Air Pollution During and after Diwali

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One must take steps to prevent or reverse pollution-related health problems. Here are a few tips to deal with air pollution during and after Diwali:

• The best way to keep the celebration fun and safe is to avoid firecrackers.

• Try to stay indoors, keep windows and doors closed - this is even more important for pregnant women, newborns, kids, and the elderly, and those with chronic conditions, such as asthma, heart disease, etc.

Tips for kids and newborns: Children shouldn’t be left alone on their own. Take care that the crackers do not produce too many fumes as it is extremely injurious to health. Use a wet cloth as a mask to avoid breathing in polluted air,

• People suffering from asthma or bronchitis should take medicines regularly during this period to keep the symptoms under control as well as prevent severe attacks.

• Asthmatic should always keep their inhalers handy.

• Seek medical help in case of any sign of increased breathlessness.

• While outdoors, wear protective eye gear to prevent entry of particles into the eye and irritation by fumes.

Tips for elderly people: Similar care should be taken for old people. In case, they participate in burning firecrackers, make sure they wear a safety mask. Also, never try to touch half burned crackers.

• People, especially with heart or lung diseases, elderly and children, should avoid prolonged or heavy exertion.

• Avoid exercising early in the morning, instead exercise indoors.

• Eat healthy, balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost immunity.

• Try to avoid oily foods that may upset your digestion and make you feel suffocated.

• Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.