Common Migraine Triggers

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Environmental Factors

Hot weather conditions
Bright or glaring lights
High noise levels
Strong odours

Lifestyle factors

fan/AC blast
Stressful travel
Physical exertion
Emotional stress

Dietary Factors

Skipping breakfast and other meals
Cheese, paneer,  chocolates
Food preservatives with nitrates, mono sodium glutamate(MSG)
Excess coffee, tea and colas(caffeine)
fermented foods(idli, dosa, dhokla)
Red wine
Artificial sweeteners

Sleep Pattern

Change in sleep pattern
Sleeping too late

Hormonal Changes

Linked to menstrual cycle
Use of contraceptive pills, hormonal products

Useful Tips to Manage Migraine

Keep a record of your attacks and possible triggers.
Take medicines regularly as advised.
Don't over use pain-killers as they may cause more headache.
Try to maintain a fixed daily schedule of eating and sleeping.

Note: All the above factors may not trigger migraine attacks in everyone. Please identify your triggers and discuss with your doctor the ways to reduce their impact.